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Your Life, Your Body, Your Adventure Boot Camp

Adults of all fitness levels, sizes and ages are getting great results with Phoenix Adventure Boot Camp! You can too! Are you looking for a jump-start to your fitness program? Then this adventure is for you! Whether you are a beginner, an avid fitness enthusiast or just tired of the same routine come try this whole new approach to!

Phoenix Adventure Boot Camp is a four week outdoor fitness program that offers fitness instruction, nutritional information and motivational training - packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight to fit into that special dress, shed the extra pounds from a pregnancy or just get fit before that special occasion, this is the program for you!

Add the Inside Out Workout to compliment boot camp this will propel you in all areas of your life! The Inside Out Workout is not physical exercises but helps you with the other 23 hours your not at camp to kick up your metabolism and your life. It's Your Life Adventure, are You living the Journey? visit: for a complete body, mind and soul lift.

Lose Weight at Phoenix Adventure Boot Camp
Lose Weight, Feel Great
  • 3-5% reduction in body fat
  • 25% improvement in strength
  • 100% Gain in self confidence
  • 1-3 inch decrease in the midsection
  • 25% improvement in endurance
  • Greatly improved posture
  • Better relaxation and less stress

Dedication to Fitness

Many spend more time with makeup, hair, picking the right outfit... and then wonder, why am I having a hard time with my health/weight/fatloss/fitness! If we devoted just a fraction of that time we use before or after our 8 hr work day to destressing, healthy foods, and fitness, many would be at their goal weight and feeling healthy! Do you keep doing the same thing expecting different results? All talk, but action is stuck?

Below are some questions and comments I have heard over the years. See if they sound remotely familiar.  

  • I have been on a diet for so long, I can't remember when I wasn't on one.
  • I skip meals to keep the calories low and yet I still gain weight!
  • What do I eat, how much, when, .... ????
  • I eat salad for lunch and for dinner, but the scale is stuck!
  • I look at food and I gain weight!
  • I get huge cravings at night and I raid the fridge!
  • Why are diet drinks not cool?
  • What's the deal with soda and/or juice?
  • How many calories should I consume? Protein, Carbs, Fat, Fiber, Water?
  • I workout 2,3,4,5,6,7 days per week and I can't seem to lose the weight? 

Fitness and nutrition Coaching all in one camp to skyrocket your results! Call 602-274-1170 or email at for more info.

Also if you have a group or business that is wanting a wellness program, we have a fun/result producing program that will guarantee change inside and out! Call today!

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